Anodized Mini Nuclear Deterrence Operations Service Medal

Anodized Mini Nuclear Deterrence Operations Service Medal
Anodized Mini Nuclear Deterrence Operations Service Medal
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The Nuclear Deterrence Operations Service medal was approved May 27, 2014 by the Secretary of the Air Force to recognize direct support to nuclear deterrence operations. The medal is authorized for Airmen who have directly impacted the nuclear enterprise and may be awarded retroactively to Dec. 27, 1991 to fully qualified Airmen.

The NDOSM may be awarded to Airmen who while assigned, attached, deployed or mobilized to a unit, provided support the Nuclear Enterprise for 120 consecutive or 179 non-consecutive days and were subject to a nuclear inspection or performed duties in nuclear operations to include nuclear weapon storage facilities; nuclear command, control and communication; cyber surety; security; safety; transportation; maintenance; facility management and maintenance; explosive ordnance disposal; aircrew certified for support to nuclear operations; weapons loaders; warning and attack assessment; personnel reliability program management; or research, development and acquisition of nuclear systems.

Medal Description
On the front of the NDOSM has a laurel wreath surmounted by a nuclear symbol with a star bearing a disc in the center. The reverse has a circular inscription, "NUCLEAR DETERRENCE OPERATIONS SERVICE," a triangle between the first and last words, the U.S. Air Force "Hap Arnold" symbol and between its wings, the inscription "U.S. AIR FORCE."

Ribbon Description
The ribbon is predominantly blue with yellow, green and red stripes from left to right and right to left within each edge.

Authorized Device
The "N" device and the Oak Leaf Cluster.

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