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Noel's Thin Ribbons has provided a high quality service in the ribbons and medals industry for nearly two decades. The company was founded by Mr. Noel Brown in 1994 after being continually dissatisfied with the products and services available. His first solution would be to hire a professional to make them for him, but even those products fell short of his standards. He just could not seem to find the quality he expected to find for what is supposed to be high honors for the Men and Women protecting our nation. While serving aboard the U.S.S. Lake Erie, after yet another failure to find even a professional to make them, he studied the craft in further detail, and eventaully began making his own. From there he grew the business, traveling to various military conferences, creating detailed ad flyer campaigns, hosting exclusive invitation-only events.

Before long he had quickly gained ground as one of the top providers in the industry able to deliver not only an impressive quality product, but with an outstanding no-nonsense service. The web site became a focus in 2001 to expand the growing companies reach. Even to this day, our customers never needed to look elsewhere to find the quality ribbons and medals they desire. Now based in Atlanta, Georgia, our company still enjoys an 85% repeat business from our customers, and our services are used at military bases all over the world. We are happy to present our products at military conferences, please contact us for further details if you are interested in having us at your's!


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